NBA Power Rankings March 20

30. Brooklyn Nets

Record: 13-56

The Nets have been the worst team in the NBA all season and are quite possibly worse than last years 76ers. Their biggest problem is they don’t have their own number one overall draft pick this year because they traded it to Boston. They will be terrible for a long time.

29. Los Angeles Lakers

Record: 20-50

The once star studded Lakers are now in the bottom of the league for a third straight year. They recently started their tank job by shutting down healthy veterns Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov for the rest of the year. A young star player like Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson would help as well as the acqusition of an all star like Paul George.

28. Phoenix Suns


The Suns are full of future stars and have a very good future ahead of them if they can snag another elite prospect during this draft. Sophomore Devin Booker and veteran point guard Eric  Bledsoe have led the team but they also have other young contributors like Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender and Tyler Ulis.

27. Orlando Magic


Nobody knows what the Magic’s front office is doing as they traded future star Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka who they later flipped for Terrence Ross and a first round pick, essentially swapping Oladipo for sharpshooter Ross. Signing Bismack Biyombo to a 68-million dollar deal does not help either.

26. Sacramento Kings

Record: 27-43

If Sacramento keeps wasting their draft picks they will never reach the top of the power rankings. Maybe getting rid of Demarcus Cousins attitude will help the team in the future but their best player right now is Rudy Gay and he is done for the season.

25.  New York Knicks

Record: 27-43

The Knicks had expectations this year but they failed to live up to any of them again. This team is a mess and it is time to get rid of aging star Carmelo Anthony. This should be Kristaps Porzingis’ team now but with Carmelo in the mix it won’t be.

24. Philadelphia 76ers

Record: 26-44

Considering the 76ers lost number one overall pick Ben Simmons for the whole season and potential rookie of the year Joel Embiid has been injured for the majority of the season this team did quite well. The next move is to bring in experience and add a solid point guard to the mix.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves

Record: 28-41

A team with tons of future potential did not perform early on the season giving them another season on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are already dominating at the ages of 21 and 22 and will be for at least another decade.

22. Charlotte Hornets

Record: 31-39

The only player who has lived up to this team’s expectations has been all-star point guard Kemba Walker who has had the best season of his career. Veterans like Nicolas Batum fresh off a new contract can be a reason to blame for no playoffs in Charlotte.

21. Dallas Mavericks

Record: 30-39

The Mavericks were terrible to start the year which could be because of the injury to Dirk Nowitzki because since he has come back they have played good and have a slim shot at the postseason. The signing of rookie free agent Yogi Ferrell has helped a lot too.

20. Chicago Bulls

Record: 33-37

With Dwayne Wade out the remainder of the season it is now up to Jimmy Butler to carry this team into the playoffs. Sitting  a game back of multiple teams still gives them a chance to qualify but it looks like another disappointing season for the once iconic Bulls.

19. New Orleans Pelicans

Record: 29-41

When the Pelicans acquired Demarcus Cousins it looked like they would get the eighth seed in the West but Anthony Davis and Cousins struggled to win games after the trade. Playing better now it is very unlikely these twin towers will make the postseason.

18. Detroit Pistons

Record: 34-36

Detroit currently hold the eighth seed in the East but with the red-hot Heat tied with them it will be hard to qualify for them. Andre Drummond will need to step up his game for Detroit to be playing playoff basketball.

17. Portland Trailblazers

Record: 32-37

Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have not led this team to where they wanted to be after upsetting the Clippers last year and competing with the Warriors. Sitting only half a  game back of Denver the playoffs are still very possible in Portland.

16. Denver Nuggets

Record: 33-37

The Nuggets have been surprising this year due to the play of up-and-coming Serbian big man Nikola Jokic but will need to win some crucial games over the next week to make the playoffs. Veterans Danilo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried will play a big role in if they make it or not.

15. Indiana Pacers

Record: 36-34

Paul George and the Pacers have underperformed this season but they will still be in the playoffs and will have the chance to upset a team like Washington or Toronto. If Paul George can play like he did pushing the Raptors to seven games last year they could surprise some people.

14. Milwaukee Bucks

Record: 34-35

The Greek Freak is unbelievable and will be one of the faces of the NBA for years to come. He pretty much single handily  has the Bucks in a playoff spot right now. After losing Jabari Parker for the season it looked like they were done but they are 8-2 in their last 10.

13. Atlanta Hawks

Record: 37-33

After a huge win over the Raptors it looked like they were making a push for home advantage in the first round of the playoffs but they have played bad since then. This team will be in the playoffs but without a true superstar how much damage can they do?

12. Miami Heat

Record: 34-36

The Heat looked like they had no chance at the playoffs but they have been one of the NBA’s best for the past two months. The improved play of Dion Waiters has helped them out but Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside are still their most valuable players.

11. Memphis Grizzlies

Record: 40-30

This team is good defensively so they will be able to compete with a team like Houston in the playoffs but it will be hard to overcome one of the West’s powerhouses. Fresh off a losing streak Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies are playing better.

10. Los Angeles Clippers

Record: 42-29

The Clippers look like they will never defeat their playoff nightmares, starting off the season strong and then losing stars to injuries especially Chris Paul will make it very hard on them. I don’t see this team doing any damage once again.

9. Oklahoma City Thunder

Record: 40-30

Russell Westbrook is my MVP and is playing out of his mind averaging a triple double. After going on a five-game win streak with Taj Gibson as starter, they just got thumped by the Durant less Warriors. The team does not have enough depth to contend with the best in the West.

8. Toronto Raptors

Record: 41-29

The Raptors are surviving without their best player Kyle Lowry and are trying to catch the Wizards so they can avoid the Cavs until the conference finals. With the additions of Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker and a healthy Lowry this team could still be Cleveland biggest hurdle to reach the finals

7. Washington Wizards.

Record: 42-28

At one point it looked like John Wall and the Wizards were going to catch King James but that never happened. After losing a couple games this week and a big one to Boston, will they be able to beat a team like Boston or Toronto? This team is no longer the same tier as Cleveland.

6. Utah Jazz

Record: 43-28

The Jazz are looking to stay in fourth place so they can have home advantage over LA. It will be hard for this team to get to the conference finals with Golden State, San Antonio and Houston to beat. They tend to play good against the Dubs though so you never know.

5. Boston Celtics

Record: 45-26

Isaiah Thomas is the league’s best fourth quarter player and an MVP candidate but without another true superstar it will be hard to knock off the Cavs. With a young star like Jaylen Brown and possibility of the first overall pick they will be good for years; there time is coming.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

Record: 46-23

LeBron and company look to make another run at the finals with nothing but themselves to slow them down from their third-straight final’s appearance. Nobody in the East will most likely beat them so there biggest competition will lie in the finals.

3. Houston Rockets

Record: 49-22

James Harden is having an MVP calibre season and without Westbrook he would be the favourite to win it. Being stuck with the Warriors and Spurs will make it hard for Harden to reach the conference finals and play for a trip to the NBA finals.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Record: 53-16

Popovich’s Spurs are always good but they may be underrated this year as they are closing in on the Warriors for top seed in the West. Will legends Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili get one more shot at the finals and will Kawhi Leonard’s all-star defence propel them into another finals.

1. Golden State Warriors

Record: 56-14

How are you supposed to knock off a team with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the leagues best offensive team is also the leagues most efficient defensively. Favourites to win another title, it looks like another Warriors vs Cavaliers final is in the upcoming months.





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